Hello there, I`m Lily and I`m really happy to be here… I`m ready to meet new people and please you with my sexy body and my interesting personality, you won`t regret to spend your time with me.

I am a very affectionate girl but at the same time very funny, love to do new things in every encounter, if you want to experience something special do not hesitate to ask me.

I guess I’ve never added a blog before. Friendly competitions are a great motivator, though. So, for the sake of crossing off a Bingo box, here we are. It seems like this is a great opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions. 1. Did my armpit tattoos hurt? -Yes, getting my armpits tattooed hurt. All tattoos hurt, but the armpits were especially rough. 2. How many tattoos/piercings?-I have 13 tattoos and 12 piercings. 3. How old am I? – I’m 334. Do I have any pets? – I have pets- 2 dogs, 1 cat5. What are my hobbies? – My hobbies include hiking, video games, reading manga, gardening, TTRPG’s, painting miniatures, cooking, quality time with the pets, listening to podcasts, and practicing Banjolele. 6. Am I single? – I do not discuss my romantic life, so maybe I have a boyfriend, maybe I have a girlfriend, maybe I’m married, maybe I date multiple people all along the gender spectrum. It has no bearing on what we do here, and some things I like to keep for myself. 7. What do I like on cam? – Variety. I’m a Domme, I’m a sub, I’m an enjoyer of plain old vanilla fun. I like being a fantasy fairy godmother and making dreams come true. Those are the top questions I get asked regularly, at least that I can think of off the top of my head. Let me know if you have others you’d like answered or what blog topics would interest you. Thanks for reading, have a beautiful time!

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I don’t know if it’s the summer heat or if it’s the temperature of my body that makes me shiver I just want to touch myself all the time… today I was at the gym and suddenly I felt like my pussy was throbbing and getting wet so I had to go I went to the bathroom and touched myself in the shower until I came squirting. (squirt) (devil) (fire)

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Finally the wait is over, and finally my new DOMI lovense companions already known to many arrived and I wanted to explore new sensations with the GEMINIS (vibrating nipple clamps), I couldn’t use them at the moment in my transmission so I had to wait, Board my Uber driver opened my bag and I didn’t hesitate to read and see my new accessories, the driver just looked and didn’t say anything, I don’t know if he knew their use or not, I was only focused on my new companions, I got home and prepared some I ate then I took a bath and rested in the afternoon, I usually rested in only pantyhose or dresses, I rested, I got up and my curiosity returned, I began to stimulate myself with my fingers to achieve a little lubrication and finally!! using the DOMI, I started to stimulate and play with its levels, it was something I was seriously looking forward to, I love the lush but the vibration of the Domi can achieve a high level of arousal in a short time. I was very wet, I wanted more, it was 5-8 minutes where I couldn’t control, it was GEMINI’s turn on my nipples. I wanted to explore and play slowly so I started soft and strong with my DOMI. I wouldn’t know how to define those approximately 10-15 minutes. I don’t know if my neighbors heard my moans. I had no way to control it and let it go. My whole bed is wet, different sensations, I love DOMI and the soft and medium sensation of using the tweezers pleased me and I loved it. a new need for me and that I wanted to share with all of you ?

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I am an intelligent girl who loves to smile, being sexy is part of my nature, I was born to be seductive, to be a muse. If you need a woman full of sexuality in your life, I am here for you. I must warn you that you can become addicted to me.